Rental Income House For Sale in Coimbatore Vilankurichi Monthly Rental UpTo 50000

$ 1 Crore 50 Lakh
Contact nameAmeen.A
Contact phone+91 9087724441
Year built2021
TypeRental Income House
Sold No
Contract Sale


Don’t miss out on the regular earnings. Invest buying houses in the popular area that fetch you with monthly rental income.

Buying a house is the best way to become wealthy

The best rental income house for sale in Vilankurichi, Coimbatore is waiting for you with five portions each of 2BHK. It has got two portions on the ground floor, two portions on the first floor and one portion on the second floor. It will fetch you a monthly rental income for your financial needs. This layout is located in a serene atmosphere, clean surroundings. It is accessible to all daily requirements within reach. The house is located with ample space for car parking and clean surroundings.

The construction, electrical, plumbing, and fitting works are completed. Only high-quality materials are used that are long-lasting forever. The rental income house for sale in Coimbatore Vilankurichi  is ready to be occupied. Very spacious and well-ventilated houses are available for an affordable budget. It makes a fine investment opportunity for early investors. The house thrives on an Eco-friendly concept. Shopping malls, Hospitals, International Schools, Colleges, and banks are close to the property.

A spacious balcony overlooking the street gives you moments of tranquility. It is hard to find in the busy city of Coimbatore. Perfect window positioning gives the room natural daylight ambiance. This house was designed and built with proper ventilation which helps to counters the scorching summer heat. The friendly neighborhood in the area is an added social advantage.

The design and layout of the building have been laid to perfection by expert workmanship. Only the finest quality of building materials has been used to ensure the longevity of the structure.

The race has begun for rental income houses for sale in Vilankurichi, Coimbatore. Act now or rue later. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own the house you have always desired

Rental Portion House for Sale in Coimbatore Vilankurichi UpTo 15000 [1 Crore 15 Lakhs]

A house with a portion for own use and another for rent

Rental Income House For Sale in Coimbatore Vilankurichi Monthly Rental UpTo 40000 [1 Crore 75 Lakhs] Call +91 9087724441

A house with a 2 portion for own use and another 2 for rent

Get Your Dream Home Now ‘Home is where your heart is’ is an old saying. ‘Heaven is where your home is’ matches to the current world. The noise of the city makes everyone frustrated and make them look for a place in solitude. If you are looking for a home with a calm surrounding, Veeduthedu will get you one. This luxury Rental Income House For Sale in Coimbatore make your dream true, it is a little away from the city. You can feel the heaven when you enter into your home. The beautiful tiles and elegant construction are what everyone wants. You can enjoy the clean air in this area and you can feel the peaceful and silent side of Coimbatore. This peacefulness is what makes your home a heaven.

Rental Income House For Sale in Coimbatore Cheran Ma Nagar Rental UpTo 50000 [1 Crore 65 Lakhs]

A house with a 3 portion for own use and another 3 for rent

Want to buy an Rental Income properties houses for your family? Veeduthedu is helping you in finding your dream house with all the best facilities available. Most individual houses are very spacious. This is one such spacious house. It allows the free flowing of air to every corner of the house. You don’t even need air conditioning to make your rooms chill. This house is at the most calm and secluded place in Coimbatore Cheran Ma Nagar and you will never feel the heat in the city. The climate is the impressive feature of this location. The bedrooms are furnished with trendy closets adding beauty to the room. This Rental Income properties house in Coimbatore Cheran Ma Nagar is indeed worth your wait all these years.


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