Useful points to consider for purchasing a Individual House

Among the many parameters to purchase a Individual House Sale in Coimbatore, the most mandatory ones are to be prioritized along with the most preferred ones. The preferred parameters may vary according to the likes and dislikes of the individual; however, the mandatory villa selection parameters remain the same. The below are the most prioritized parameters which must be considered to lead a stress-free life.


We might like long drive but the daily commute in the increasing traffic should be as minimum as possible due to the demand for time. The more the time, the more we can relax. Also, the long travel increases long sitting time which indirectly is a threat to the human health.

The convenience to reach city’s top schools and colleges creates a better life for the younger generation as they’ll have all their necessary destinations in the neighbourhood.

The general everyday locality such as supermarkets, p   arks, temples, restaurants, coffee shops and other required everyday hangout places must be in the proximity for a positive urban lifestyle.


Our lifestyle is indirectly shaped by our neighbourhood and hence, the preference for gated community villas is increased. On due this, many property developers are constructing gated community villas. However, we must be very cautious on the fact if the villa is really a part of a gated community.

A gated community offers proper maintenance services to the villa and its surrounding premises. It also provides additional features, benefits and exclusive amenity’s access to the gated community residents.


The land ownership transfer according to the present-day money value of the land will be shared by the seller. It is the responsibility of the buyer to analyse the future increase of the respective land value and to decide based on the level of return on investment.

The land value increases based on the increase in the urbanization of the city. The price of a 3BHK villa in Coimbatore will increase in the coming days due to emergence of IT sector at a rapid pace.


The quality of the villa depends on the expertise of the property developer and the type of raw materials the builder uses to construct the house. This can be analysed well by checking the property developer’s previous work and his team’s profile.


The villa inside a gated community will have beneficiary amenities in premises. The list amenities should synchronize with the personal preference of activities. It should also be noted that the necessary amenities present inside the gated community will reduce expenses and save time. 


A 3BHK villa in Coimbatore with all the above mentioned parameters being positive shouldn’t cost beyond the actual value of the similar property. The actual value can be calculated accurately based on the land value, type of materials used and the total labour work day costs of that particular villa.